In 1987 the first Halogen Torchiere appeared in the upper end retail community and was being imported from Europe. It
became a quick success because of the Clean Bright Light this new product provided. There were two available versions
of the Halogen Torchiere when it was first introduced. The first introduced product was a 500-watt "J" Bulb version and the
second was a 300-watt "J" Bulb version. As the popularity of this product grew, UL (underwriters’ laboratories) found many
accidents (fires & deaths) were occurring with this product because of the Tremendous Heat these products reached
during operation.

The first change came when UL would no longer certify the 500-watt "J" Bulb version. This first step was taken because
the 500-watt "J" Bulb version at full power would reach a temperature exceeding 1600 degrees. This was found to be too
dangerous for general consumer use under the current design application. As time went on and accidents were still taking
place with the 300-Watt "J" Bulb version, UL once again took a hard look at the Halogen Torchiere and decided to enact a
new standard that today is referred to as UL 153. This standard took effect in February 1997 and set forth a requirement
in testing the Halogen Torchiere that the current "J" Bulb design could NOT pass.

Leading up to February 1997 the industry as a whole spent part of 1995 and all of 1996 looking for an answer to the
problem the Halogen Torchiere was presenting. Every Far East Factory, Domestic Importer, and Trading Company were in
a race to find the answer. In the end, everyone had come up with the same solution, a Wire Guard on the top of the shade
to prevent anything from flying into the shade and thus catching Fire.

In 1996 NBC Dateline exposed the dangers of the "J" Bulb Designed Halogen Torchiere. They showed just how dangerous
the product was, and could be, if anything got close to or flew into the shade while the lamp was in operation It would in
fact catch fire. They, Dateline, supported the position of removing this product from your home to all consumers who had
one. Their position was the product in its current "J" Bulb design was in fact very dangerous.

After the enactment of the new UL standard 153 in February 1997, NBC Dateline ran a follow-up story over the concerns
regarding the continued use of the "J" Bulb Designed Halogen Torchiere. This show aired in the first part of 1998 and
once again showed even with the new standard set forth by UL; the product was found to still be unsafe. The story showed
even with the new standard, the Halogen Torchiere was being produced with the same OLD "J" Bulb DESIGN with a Wire
Cover Grill on top of the shade. Thus during this airing Dateline showed just how easy it was for this product to catch
something on fire Even with its updated safe guards.

Now because of the Totally New and revolutionary operational Patented Design developed in 2001 by Park Avenue
Enterprises, the American consumer can once again enjoy ALL the Benefits from Halogen WITHOUT ANY of the past fears
or concerns from the previous and poorly designed "J" Bulb Halogen product.

The old style Halogen Torchiere used a pencil Type Bulb that is referred to as a “J” Bulb, which reaches temperatures
exceeding 1200 degrees. Because of the old design, Retailers also experienced a huge problem with defective returns
because of bulb installation at the factory, and the consumer handling the Bulb in an improper manner. Because of the
tremendous heat of the "J" Bulb it is known to be responsible for Fires started in many homes. This product is still deemed  
to be UNSAFE and is required to have a WIRE screen over the top of the "J" Bulb (shade) for a degree of safety.

If you are looking to buy one of these OLD Style Unsafe "J" Bulb Designed Halogen Floor Lamps from a
Suppliers Web Site, Amazon, or ANY one of the suppliers offering this design on Ebay, Be VERY, VERY careful!

If you are looking for Todays Technology and a Safe operating Halogen Floor Lamp, you might want to look at the
Patented TOTALLY NEW design from Park Avenue Enterprises!

The “J” Bulb is rated at 4800 Lumen's of Power (Light) but because of the Horizontal application, the actual amount of
Lumen's (Light) provided is only approximately 4100.

The New Bulb being used in the Patented Design from Park Avenue Enterprises is a 250-Watt Halogen JDD bulb and is
rated at 4200 Lumen's (Light). This bulb has a Vertical application and provides 4200 Lumen's (Light) at full power.
New product is BRIGHTER than the old 300-Watt “J” Bulb because the application is
Vertical NOT

An OLD Designed Halogen Torchiere using a "J" Bulb compared to Our NEWLY DESIGNED Halogen
Torchiere using a Halogen JDD Bulb, The Bulbs are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in Design and
Operational Application !

Our product was UL Certified in the US and was put through one of the most intense testing procedures developed for this
type of product. In the last five years, the testing procedure for a Halogen Torchiere has intensified and is one of the most
difficult procedures for a product to pass. The Newly designed Halogen Torchiere from Park Avenue Enterprises is the
only one to pass and be Certified by UL without the need of a Wire Guard, cutoff, or tip switch.

Because of the new design, you the consumer will almost never have a product that is inoperable because the Halogen
Bulb needs to be replaced. Our product allows the consumer the option of using the 250 Watt Halogen bulb that comes
with our Lamp or the use of any Incandescent or Fluorescent bulb with a standard screw in base.

This also means our product can once again be used in dorm rooms on college campuses across the country. The old
style "J" Designed Halogen floor lamp was banned from use in all dorm rooms because of the past dangers the product
presented. With our new Patented Design now available, you can once again enjoy the Clean, Bright Natural Light of
Halogen. Safely !
Below are pictures of the UNSAFE OLD DESIGN for your reference. If you are thinking about purchasing a Halogen
Torchiere as in these pictures you might want to Re-Think your choice. These products have been PROVEN to be
UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!! They are OLD outdated Technology.

If your choice IS to buy one of these products, be sure to buy one that has the protective WIRE GUARD.

If you do purchase one, we hope you do NOT experience the SAME Negative issues that literally MANY Have!